CS 463/680: Cryptography and Data Security

Dr. Lawlor, Spring 2015

Course deadlines:

  • The take-home final exam is due by midnight on May 7 on Blackboard (log in first).  (In question 2, the elliptic curve to use is secg's p256k1.)
  • Project 2 final drafts are also due by midnight on May 7 on Blackboard (log in first).  This final version should be clean and polished, and should be easy for me to understand, but does not need to include a separate writeup.
  • Midterm exam grades and brief feedback are on NetRun (and see the midterm answer key).
  • Project 2 rough draft brief feedback is on NetRun.
  • Project 2 talks will be in class April 29, May 1, and May 4.  You should prepare about 10 minutes of material, including a discussion of prior work, clear examples, and at least some figures or illustrations.  Your talk grade will receive a 10% bonus on April 29, a 5% bonus on May 1, and no bonus on May 4.
    • Wednesday talks:
      • ECDSA crypto chat (email your username/password to Chris)
      • French Braid Hash
      • CUDA length extension attack on SHA-1
      • Length extension attacks on MD5
    • Friday talks:
      • JSON web tokens
      • Gcode steganography
    • Monday talks:
      • CUDA MD5 generation
      • McEliece encryption
      • Authentication through SHA-256 with AES-256 encryption for robotic communication security
  • Project 2 rough draft was due Monday, April 20 on Blackboard (log in first). (Project 2 requirements: like project 1, but grad students will not need to do a paper-style writeup.)
  • Project 1 final draft was due Wedesday, March 25 on Blackboard (log in first).  Brief rough draft and presentation feedback is on NetRun.
  • Project 1 presentations are the week of March 9-13, with a target of about 15 minutes of material per student.  In addition to explaining the basic problem background, how other people are solving it, how you're solving it, and how well your solution works, it's often useful to talk about the problems you had building and testing your solution.  Brief rough draft comments and grades are on NetRun.
  • The take-home midterm exam is due back by midnight Friday, March 6 on Blackboard (log in first).
  • Homework 2 centers around RSA, and is due Monday, February 23.
  • Project 1 topics were due Wednesday, February 11.  Rough drafts are due on Blackboard (log in first) Wednesday, February 25.
  • Homework 1 centers around RC5, and is due Friday, February 6.  It's built in crApto, which is a lot like NetRun.
  • Homework 0 is some dictionary based cryptanalysis, due Friday, January 23.  Comments and grades are on NetRun.
  • This short survey on possible course topics was used to finalize the course content and schedule.

Lecture notes:


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