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How to sign up for classes

UAF lets newly-enrolled students sign up for classes completely online for your first semester. Everybody else needs advisor permission:

  1. Look at your CS degree requirements and cross check them on DegreeWorks to figure out what you need to take.
  2. Check CourseFinder or Schedule Planner to see what's available this semester.  Look up prerequisites in the Course Catalog.
  3. Send the list of classes you've picked to your academic advisor, which can be any CS professor--so pick one you like!
  4. Your advisor gives you permission to register on UAOnline (Faculty -> Advisor -> PIN). They'll need your UA ID number.
  5. Once you have advisor permission, you can add and delete classes on UAOnline (Student -> Registration -> Register).
  6. Attend classes the first day, study hard, and do well!

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