CS 482 / 681: Simulations in Computer Graphics


  • Letter grades and your detailed grade breakdown are posted on NetRun.  Thank you for the excellent work!
  • The final exam is in our usual classroom Friday, May 5, from 10:15-noon.
  • Project 2 final drafts are due on Blackboard (you'll need to log in first) by the end of Friday, May 5.
  • Project 2 presentations are in class Monday, May 1 (the last day of class!)
  • Project 2 rough draft feedback is posted on NetRun
  • Project 2 rough drafts are due on Blackboard (you'll need to log in first) by Monday, April 24. This should be functional, but not necessarily complete.  Graduate students should turn in an initial draft of their paper, including at least an outline.
  • No lecture Friday, April 21 due to Springfest!
  • HW3 on gravity modification is due Friday, April 14.
  • Project 2 deadlines and deliverables are available.  Project topics are due in class on Monday, April 10.
  • Project 1 grades and feedback are posted on NetRun (of all places!).
  • Project 1 final drafts are due on Blackboard (you'll need to log in first) by Friday, March 24.  Project presentations are Monday, March 27 in class.
  • The midterm exam was in class Friday, March 10.  
    • Midterm exam grades are posted on NetRun (of all places!).
  • HW2 on model preparation was due on Blackboard (you'll need to log in first) by Friday, February 24.
  • Be ready to describe your Project 1 topics in class Monday, February 13.
  • HW1 on particles systems to simulate electrons, due Monday, February 6.
  • In-class development of course topics exercise for Friday, January 20.
  • HW0 on basic Newtonian mechanics is due Wednesday, January 25.

Lecture Notes

PixAnvil Changelog

  • Added new "lib.tempBox" and "lib.tempVector" functions.
  • There is now a PixAnvil help file, 01-25
  • Use right-handed coordinate system, 01-19

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