PixAnvil Help

How PixAnvil Works

PixAnvil compiles your JavaScript simulation code when you hit "Reset". It loads the code from three tabs:

Variables declared in Setup are automatically accessible from Loop and UI. There are also an empty storage objects called sim and store that can be used to store your data.

PixAnvil API

The 3D vector class vec3 is key to most 3D work. In PixAnvil, this class is a renamed version of BABYLON.Vector3. By convention, vectors in PixAnvil are written with capital letters. Given two vectors A and B:

Your code in Setup, Loop, and UI is also given access to a number of variables:

You also now have direct access to the simple WebGL library Igloo, available as "igloo".

PixAnvil Changelog

O. Lawlor, ffosl@uaf.edu