HW0: Newtonian Mechanics

CS 482/681, Dr. Lawlor

In this homework, use the Simple Newtonian example to simulate the Newtonian mechanics of a particle moving under gravity:
   Position P
   Velocity V = dP/dt
   Acceleration A = dV/dt = gravitational acceleration of 9.8 meters/sec^2 in the downward (negative z) direction

When your particle reaches the floor, P.z<=0, make it bounce by making the Z component of the velocity positive.

681 students: make your simulation measure and conserve energy, including when it bounces off the floor, for example by using Leapfrog or Verlet time integration.

To save your PixAnvil simulation, hit the "Save" tab, select all the text, and save it to a .html file using a plain text editor such as Notepad.  Make a zipfile to turn in your updated .html simulation on Blackboard (you'll need to log in first) before the end of the day on Wednesday, January 25.