HW1: Particle Mechanics

CS 482/681, Dr. Lawlor

In this homework, use a particle system to simulate the motion of a set of electrons injected in a uniform magnetic field.  Confine the electrons inside a sphere not centered at the origin.  Because the sphere is symmetric, you can pick the magnetic field's orientation.

You can ignore gravity, and but your simulation should consider the Coulomb electrostatic repulsion between the electrons.

For undergraduate students, you may assume electrons stick to the sphere.

For graduate students, your electrons should bounce off the sphere, and if the simulation runs for a long time, the electron motions should stay reasonable.

Hint: if the magnetic field strength is too high, it becomes difficult to keep the electrons inside the sphere.

To save your PixAnvil simulation, hit the "Save" tab, select all the text, and save it to a .html file using a plain text editor such as Notepad.  Turn in your updated .html simulation as a .zip file on Blackboard (you'll need to log in first) before the end of the day of Monday, February 6.