CS 482/681: Simulations in Computer Graphics

Project 2 and overall course grades and comments are on NetRun.  This has been a fun semester, thank you!

Final exam answer key (for the curious).

Date Lecture Notes Demo Due Dates
2015-05-07 Project work session during final exam slot, 10:15-11:30  

The project 2 final draft is due on Blackboard (log in first) by midnight on May 7.  Students taking the graduate version of the course should include a short writeup, formatted like a scientific paper.

2015-05-04 Project 2 Presentations end    
2015-05-01 Project 2 Presentations cont'd  

The take-home final exam is due on Blackboard (log in first) by midnight on May 7.

2015-04-29 Project 2 Presentations begin    
2015-04-27 Project advice/work session. Dr. Lawlor will try to call in via Google Hangouts  

Project 2 rough draft grades and comments are on NetRun

Midterm exam grades and comments are finally posted! (and an answer key)

2015-04-24 No class due to SpringFest   Project 2 presentations next week, April 29-May 1.
2015-04-22 Spectral Simulation (FFT) Video FFT filtering (now working!)  
2015-04-20 Data Structures for Scientific Simulations    
2015-04-17 Coupled multiphysics simulations Terrain erosion via particles  
2015-04-15  Terrain erosion mechanisms Terrain erosion in 2D and 3D  
2015-04-13 Volcano simulation, and solving PDEs in screen space Screen space simulation (C++) .zip w/exe(1.3M) .tar.gz (1.1M)  
2015-04-10 Plant growth and differentiation Tip-driven growth Project 2 rough drafts will be due Monday, April 20
2015-04-08 Reaction-diffusion equations

Turk-Turing equations

simple fract() reaction-diffusion

2015-04-06 Reactive simulations Ice solidification Project 2 topics will be due in class today--be ready to speak for 5 minutes on your project topic. Project 1 Grades and comments are on NetRun
2015-04-03 Multi-phase reactive flow Simulating burning fluids  
2015-04-01 Robot simulation: two-wheeled vehicles and sensor simulations Simulated mobile robot with sensors  
2015-03-30 Multigrid for pressure-free Navier-Stokes Multigrid Navier-Stokes fluid simulation Project 2 topics will be due in class on Monday, April 6
2015-03-27 Navier-Stokes fluids and PDE notation Navier-Stokes simulation, single pixel pressure  
2015-03-25 Fluid transport: advection Fluid advection via V dot grad V method and coordinate shift "stable fluids" method  
2015-03-23   Boundary conditions in wave dynamics and raytraced water ripples Project 1 final drafts are due Friday, March 27 on Blackboard (log in first)
2015-03-09 1D Cellular Automata

2D Game of Life

2015-03-06 2D Wave Dynamics

Gas dynamics with waves or particles (atoms)

2015-03-04 GPU particle forces via a field texture

GPU field texture

Project 1 rough draft brief comments are on NetRun 

Reminder: project presentations are next week.

2015-03-02 Computing Newtonian particle mechanics in a GPU shader

GPU N2 Gravity

2015-02-27 GLSL Shaders for GPGPU Particles

Simple 1D shader, or 3D GPGPU particles in THREE.js 

Take-home midterm exam is due back Friday, March 6 on Blackboard (log in first).
2015-02-25 Programmable shaders with GLSL GLSL shader in THREE.js  
2015-02-23 NO CLASS due to bad weather    
2015-02-20 Boundary Integration and the Rotational Inertia Matrix    
2015-02-18 Torque to Rotation Rate Rotation Rate Quaternion or Matrix Project 1 rough drafts due on Blackboard Friday, Feb 27.
2015-02-16 Representing rotation Rotation via: Euler angles, quaternion, or rotation matrix  
2015-02-13 Finite Element Modeling of solid materials    
2015-02-11 Collision detection in 3D and 4D Mesh-mesh collisions  
2015-02-09 Collision response Mesh collision with fixed sphere  
2015-02-06 Lighting and shading dynamic mesh models Shaded spring model Project 1 topics due in-class Friday, Feb 13
2015-02-04 Meshing solids with tetrahedra 3D spring model  
2015-02-02 Model formats in simulations Modeling in Blender HW2: Blender to Tet Springs, due Wednesday, Feb 11
2015-01-30 Simulation order and stability. Spring system simulation  
2015-01-28 N-Body Gravity: Naive through Barnes-Hut N-body gravity simulation  
2015-01-26 Boids and flocking behavior Flocking simulation  
2015-01-23 THREE.js Geometry: Particle Systems Volcano particle system HW1: Particle Mechanics, due Wednesday, Jan 28
2015-01-21 3D vectors, vec3, and THREE.Vector3 Vec3 operator playground  
2015-01-15 Integrating Differential Equations Simple Object framework

HW0: Newtonian Mechanics, due Wednesday, Jan 21

Grades and comments on NetRun

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