Project 2

CS 482/681, Dr. Lawlor

The idea for this second project is for you to write a complete end-to-end simulator of something you're interested in: similar to the homeworks, but in more depth, and on a topic of your choice. 
  1. Describe what you want to build in-class on Monday, April 6.
  2. Give me rough draft code (working, but not complete) on Monday, April 20.   If you're taking the graduate section, this should include an outline of a technical paper describing your topic.
  3. Present your progress in-class during the week of April 27-May 1th.  
  4. Turn in a final draft on Thursday, May 7, the day of the final exam.  This version should work completely, and look good--carefully prepared textures, a nice user interface, etc.  If you're taking the graduate section, this should include a short writeup formatted like a scientific paper--this formatting is so standardized you can procedurally generate scientific papers (although they have no meaning).

Possible Topics (or pick your own!)

Choose any one of these topics, extend your Project 1, or pick your own new topic. Remember you have under a month to finish everything, so keep it simple! If these seem too big, feel free to simplify them in your "topic" discussion.
Note that the above links are chosen purely on the basis of visual coolness; better links explaining the above techniques undoubtably exist!