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Slanted Grousers for Planetary Rover Wheels
Slanting the grousers on a rover's wheels can allow tank-style steering with less energy; this paper summarizes the results of our experiments with different arrangements of slanted grousers. PDF (408K) .bib
Effects of Vacuum upon Ball Milling of Lunar Regolith Simulant
We built a ball mill inside a vacuum chamber and measured the impact of vacuum on the particle size of a basaltic lunar regolith simulant. At 1 millibar pressure, the dessicated material clumps together, particularly with ceramic media, possibly due to electrostatic effects. PDF (2.4M) .bib
Fluxed Melting for Rapid Regolith Digestion
Describes a way to pre-treat regolith, by fluxing it with sodium and melting it to glass, that allows it to be almost completely dissolved in hot hydrochloric acid. This experimentally validated regolith digestion approach allows the included metals and silica to be extracted using a solar powered closed-loop process. PDF (192K) .bib
Lunar Mine Reclamation Principles
Describes principles for reclaiming a mine on the surface of the moon, which is increasingly feasible but should be carefully planned to avoid leaving long-lived hazards. PDF (144K) .bib
Virtual reality vehicle simulator phase 1
An offroad vehicle simulator software package, designed for making people better at driving them. The vehicle simulator software is built in the Unity engine and is open source. This simulation approach has also proven useful for designing and sim-testing autonomous construction robots. PDF (1.4M) .bib
A Dual-Pin Tool Coupler for Robotic Excavation
Describes a coupler that lets robots pick up tools like buckets, hammers, logistics containers, and grinders. This coupler is lightweight (under 400 grams on the tool side), robust (able to sustain kilonewton forces), autonomous operation friendly, and still works covered in dust. Also see the poster version. PDF (112K) .bib
Forensic Analysis of Binary Structures of Video Files
This paper provides comprehensive details of a binary file forensic analysis technique for different media file containers, mostly focused on AVI and MP4/MOV container format. We also provide a considerable number of details to identify a forgery among video files. By analyzing the binary data structures and metadata, we can detect the use of editing tools, verify the purported source of a video file, and identify the true acquisition device model. PDF (268K) .bib
Case Study: An Automated Theft on Mars
Explores the implications of autonomous robotics for security on a Mars habitat. A winning entry in the Air Force sponsored MGMWERX Space Case Study Prize Challenge, for case studies in the space domain. PDF (124K) .bib
Between the Social and the Technical: Negotiation of Human-Centered Robotics Design in a Middle School Classroom
This paper presents a secondary school human-centered robotics (HCR) learning experience and the ways in which it supported students' orientation to technical and social aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). PDF (4.7M) .bib
AERO-Beam: An Open-architecture Test-Bed for Research and Education in Cyber-Physical Systems
Describes the aero beam, a simpler and safer model for classroom exploration of quadcopter flight dynamics and control. This includes a software simulator and open hardware architecture. PDF (620K) .bib
Exploiting Spatial Redundancy with Adaptive Pyramidal Rendering
Adaptive pyramidal rendering predicts pixel colors in smooth areas, saving rendering effort for high contrast regions like edges. This coarse-to-fine multigrid-style rendering technique can be run in realtime on modern GPUs. For real fillrate-bound renderers such as GPU raytracers, this can double rendering performance without seriously impacting the rendering quality. See also the presentation, or our source code. PDF (776K) .bib
Algorithms: Rendering
Rendering algorithms convert a scene description into a rendered image. They can be broadly classified into object-order rasterizers, which are high performance, and image-order raytracers, which allow true reflections, refraction, and other lighting effects. In this entry, we examine rendering algorithm fundamentals such as parallelism, discuss the current and future state of graphics hardware acceleration, and discuss common features of existing implementations. Specific topics include antialiasing, local and global lighting calculations such as shadow maps and path tracing, programmable shading, spectral color handling, radiometry and high dynamic range processing, and physically based rendering. PDF not available .bib
Search and Rescue Robots for Integrated Research and Education in Cyber-Physical Systems
Describes a Parrot UAV autopilot using Kinect for localization, part of CYBER-Alaska. PDF (1.6M) .bib
In-memory Data Compression for Sparse Matrices
A scheme for compressing column index data for a sparse matrix, which saves memory bandwidth on both multicore and GPU systems. This can improve sparse matrix dense vector product speed up to 30 percent for some matrices. Source code available. PDF (236K) .bib
Crack Propagation Analysis with Automatic Load Balancing
Load balancing and finite element visualization in Charm++. PDF (428K) .bib
Remote Visualization of Cosmological Data Using Salsa
Describes our across-the-network parallel visualization of large particle datasets in Salsa. PDF (1.1M) .bib
NetRun: Student Code in a Web Browser (Poster)
Describes NetRun, our web IDE for a variety of compiled languages. PDF (852K) .bib
GPU-Accelerated Rendering of Unbounded Nonlinear Iterated Function System Fixed Points
Gives a mathematical framework for unbounded and nonlinear IFS, and a high performance deterministic rendering scheme based on GPU metaprogramming. See a video or try out the code. PDF (1.9M) .bib
Embedding OpenCL in C++ for Expressive GPU Programming
Description and benchmarks for EPGPU, our convenient and typesafe OpenCL wrapper for C++. PDF (1.8M) .bib
Interactive Volume Rendering Aurora on the GPU
A GPU raytracing technique for flying around in the Aurora Borealis. You can see it live in WebGL, download a Windows demo binary, or watch it on YouTube. PDF (700K) .bib
Message Passing for GPGPU Clusters: cudaMPI
Describes cudaMPI and glMPI, our GPGPU message passing libraries built on MPI. PDF (444K) .bib
Observation of volcanoes through webcams: Tools and techniques
Brief summary of Alaska Volcano Observatory webcam image analysis and remote sensing work. PDF (3.9M) .bib
MPIglut: Powerwall Programming Made Easier
Architecture and performance results for MPIglut, our parallelizing GLUT library built on MPI. PDF (684K) .bib
Interpolation-Friendly Soft Shadow Maps
A graphics hardware version of a technique outlined in my thesis for creating soft shadows from a modified shadow map. PDF (828K) .bib
Multiple Flows of Control in Migratable Parallel Programs
A comprehensive survey of the various methods available to support parallel work that moves. Includes descriptions of how to migrate kernel and user-level threads, processes, and objects; as well as extensive portability and performance data. Also PPL paper 06-05. PDF (272K) .bib
ParFUM: A Parallel Framework for Unstructured Meshes for Scalable Dynamic Physics Applications
A long paper describing our recent progress on a parallel frame work for computations on unstructured meshes. Also PPL paper 05-14, and available at springerlink.com. PDF (508K) .bib
A system integration framework for coupled multiphysics simulations
Describes recent work on our system integration framework. My contribution is in the data transfer and remeshing section. Also PPL paper 05-16 and available directly from the journal Engineering With Computers. PDF (1.9M) .bib
Performance Degradation in the Presence of Subnormal Floating-Point Values
Describes how IEEE 'denormal' numbers can seriously impact the efficiency of a parallel simulation. This work originated in our search to explain a strange performance slowdown in a real wave propagation simulation. Also PPL paper 05-12 and our denormal website. PDF (80K) .bib
An Integration Framework for Simulations of Solid Rocket Motors
Describes the overall software architecture used by the Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets (CSAR) in Illinois, where I worked on parallel solution transfer and meshing issues. Also PPL paper 05-08. PDF (952K) .bib
Impostors for Parallel Interactive Computer Graphics
My PhD thesis. Includes work on a variety of subjects, including parallel rendering, graphics hardware, GIS, and iterated function systems. Also see my thesis website. PDF (6.1M) .bib
Debugging Support for Charm++
Includes a good description of Converse Client/Server (CCS) network protocol and the Pack/UnPack (PUP) C++ introspection framework. Also PPL paper 04-04. PDF (224K) .bib
Performance Modeling and Programming Environments for Petaflops Computers and the Blue Gene Machine
A cool parallel machine emulator and performance analyzer for huge parallel machines, with tens of thousands of processors. Also includes the first published description of the modern FEM framework. Also PPL paper 04-02. PDF (100K) .bib
Bounding Iterated Function Systems using Convex Optimization
A simple technique to find tight bounding volumes for iterated function systems (IFS), using linear programming. This work evolved from a class project. See Appendix C of my PhD thesis for a substantially faster bounding method. PDF (1.5M) .bib
Supporting dynamic parallel object arrays
A journal-formatted version of my 2001 conference arrays paper. Also PPL paper 03-10. PDF (120K) .bib
Adaptive MPI
Describes an interesting migratable-thread MPI implementation built on top of Charm++ arrays. Also PPL paper 03-07. PDF (468K) .bib
Parallel Objects: Virtualization and in-Process Components
Summarizes basic philosophy and benefits of Charm++'s object virtualization approach. PDF (132K) .bib
A Voxel-Based Parallel Collision Detection Algorithm
A more concise and intelligible version of my master's thesis. Also PPL paper 02-06. PDF (232K) .bib
A Grid-Based Parallel Collision Detection Algorithm
A scalable 3D parallel collision detection algorithm based on a voxel grid represented using Charm++ array elements. Also PPL paper 01-05. PDF (1.2M) .bib
Supporting Dynamic Parallel Object Arrays
An excellent description of the migratable parallel objects that form the core of modern Charm++. Also PPL paper 01-01. PDF (96K) .bib
Room Capacity Analysis Using a Pair of Evacuation Models
Physical simulator of an emergency building evacuation, with simulated disc-people fleeing for the exits. This volume of the UMAP journal includes all the 'outstanding' entries from the 1999 international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). Also MCM project site. PDF (616K) .bib
Automated DEM Production using ESA Tandem Mission Data for the Caribou-Poker Creek LTER Watershed, Alaska
An experimental analysis of our SAR DEM generation tools. The tools are available from the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF). PDF (140K) .bib
Automated Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Production Using ERS SAR Tandem Pairs
Describes automated techniques we developed for interferometric SAR processing. PDF not available .bib
Repeat-Pass Satellite Interferometric Tools Available at the Alaska SAR Facility
Describes our publically-available tools for SAR processing and DEM generation. PDF not available .bib
Pursuit-Evasion Games in the Late Cretaceous
Our paper includes a physical simulation (by Orion Lawlor) and a statistical analysis (by Gordon Bower) of predator/prey chases. This journal volume includes all the 'outstanding' papers from the 1997 international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). We also won the SIAM outstanding paper award. PDF (128K) .bib
Towards Operational Application of Satellite SAR Images in Hydrological Studies
PDF not available .bib
Generation of Fine Resolution DEM at Test Areas in Alaska Using ERS Tandem Pairs and Precise Orbital Data
Describes basic interferometric SAR technique and our results. Won best of Session Award on SAR Mapping, of 13 papers presented. PDF (628K) .bib
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