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Glenn's Hamster Page

Welcome to Glenn's Hamster Page! Below, you will find

What's New? (as of January 15, 2001)

The Hamster Chronicles

Here are a few stories of me & the hamsters that I've put together over the years. Enjoy! Pictures can be found on the Individual Hamster Pages, below.

What are the Chronicles all about?
Part 7 (August 22, 1995)
Hello to Percy, hamster number two. A creature on the bed, in the ball, flipping upside down, an escape artist.
Part 1 (January 1, 1994)
Hello to Paul, our first hamster. Adopting a bully, escape attempt, setting up housekeeping.
Part 8 (May 29, 1997)
Farewell to Percy.
Part 2 (January 13, 1994)
Slimming down, the hamster ball, making a leash.
Part 9 (October 8, 1997)
The long-overdue Percy anecdotes: shoulder-riding, a pilgrimage, a chase through the woods, Percy's Palace.
Part 3 (February 18, 1994)
Sky-diving, face-stuffing, stressed-out.
Part 10 (October 27, 1997)
Hello to Buttermilk, hamster number three. Bad hair life, hamster personalities, digging, destroying our apartment.
Part 4 (November 23, 1994)
A visit to the vet, becoming sensible, vocalizing.
Part 11 (May 18, 1998)
More escapes, Treat Bowl Time, the harness project.
Part 5 (May 24, 1995)
Paul on the table, in Spanish class, a sick hamster.
Part 12 (July 25, 1998)
Farewell to Buttermilk.
Part 6 (June 5, 1995)
Farewell to Paul.
Part 13 (June 26, 1999) [posted January 15, 2001]
Hello to Nutmeg, hamster number four. A sane hamster, finger munching, magical escapes, jogging.

Individual Hamster Pages

Paul (1993-95) Percy (1995-97)
Buttermilk (1997-98) Buttermilk's Close-Ups

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