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What's New on Glenn's Hamster Page

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Note: Every part of the site is accessible directly from the main page. See below only if you wish to know what has been added recently.

January 15, 2001

We have a new URL! Wow! In celebration, I dug up yet another old, moldy, half-finished chronicle, dusted it off, and filled in the gaps. It is dated June 26, 1999, and it is now Part 13 of The Hamster Chronicles.

Past "What's New" Notes

February 26, 1999

I finally have some decent pictures! Check out Buttermilk's Close-Up Page for photographs of Buttermilk taken by my friend Frank Sheeran.

I have also added pictures (of the not-quite-so-decent variety) to my Wodent Wheel Comments page. The pictures are at the bottom of the page.

Lastly, I moved the links off the main page and onto a separate links page.

February 21, 1999

Part 12 of The Hamster Chronicles is now available. This is another late post; it's dated July 25, 1998.

February 12, 1999

I've just added Part 11 of The Hamster Chronicles. Oddly enough, it's dated May 18, 1998. I discovered it while digging through some files the other day. A bit of editing, and it was ready to go.

December 19, 1997

In November (1997), I bought a Wodent Wheel -- a kind of exercise wheel. See the Wodent Wheel Comments page for my thoughts.

I've added a few new links on the main page, too.

October 27, 1997

Part 10 of The Hamster Chronicles is here! I have added more description to Paul's Page, Percy's Page, and Buttermilk's Page. And past visitors might notice that the pictures on the individual hamsters' pages now load quicker; I compressed my image files. On Buttermilk's Page, you'll also find a new metric version of the weight chart. I know you're all just quivering with delight over this; you'd better go see it right away. (And while you're at it, check out the similar addition to Percy's Page.) Lastly, I've added a couple more links on the main page.

October 17, 1997

Paul's Page and Percy's Page are now up. The latter includes a weight chart. I have also updated the weight chart on Buttermilks's Page to include the weights through October 16, 1997 (no, I don't plan on announcing it every time I update the chart).

In addition, I found a site with lots & lots of hamster links: Fluff Hamster's Page of Hamster Links. [This link has been removed since it is no longer valid.]

October 14, 1997

Buttermilk now has his own page. See Buttermilk's Page for a description, pictures, and a weight chart.

October 8, 1997

Well ... it's a new page. Everything's new. At the moment, pretty much the only thing on it is The Hamster Chronicles, accounts of the doings of the various furry little beasties I've hung out with. Part 9 was written especially for the Grand Opening of my hamster page.

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