This is the Introduction to The Hamster Chronicles, part of Glenn's Hamster Page, by Glenn G. Chappell.

The Hamster Chronicles

"The Hamster Chronicles" recount my experiences with the lovable, exasperating, terminally cute, and utterly annoying little beasties we call hamsters. The Chronicles began as e-mail to a few friends, one of whom pestered me to make them available to the general public. So, here they are. I hope you're happy, Ian. (Hey, I'm happy; why shouldn't Ian be happy too?)

As for who all these people are, "Glenn" is me; "Glenn G. Chappell" is the (nearly) full name. "Joanne" is my wife and co-conspirator in the Great Hamster Plot (whatever that is). And "Ian" is Ian Chai, who started it all by more-or-less permanently loaning me a hairy little ball of lard named "Paul". Most of the other characters in the Chronicles are cute and furry and amply described therein.

Lastly, a disclaimer: like most new hamster owners, we dived into hamster ownership with only minimal knowledge. We now know, for example, that letting a hamster jump five feet straight down is quite dangerous; many hamsters have died from such a fall. It is hoped that readers will take stories about hamsters bouncing off of books in the humorous spirit in which they were intended and not deluge me with letters about how irresponsible I was. We know that now, and we try not to let such things happen any more.

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