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Hamster Links

Here are some links to some other hamster stuff on the net. This list is not intended to be anywhere near comprehensive; rather, I've selected the entries in below for quality, usefulness, or entertainment value.

Links last checked on June 19, 2001.

Informative Hamster Sites

The Complete Hamster Site
A terribly serious site devoted to reliable, accurate information on hamsters: characteristics, care, sexing, breeding, etc. A good resource.
Wodent Wheel Description
This is the home page for the Wodent Wheel, a very nice hamster exercise wheel. Also see my Wodent Wheel Comments page.
The alt.pets.hamsters FAQ
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the alt.pets.hamsters newsgroup. This is a Web version of the files regularly posted on the group.
Safe Bedding FAQ
Why cedar or pine chips should not be used in pet cages, and a discussion of alternatives. (Personally, I recommend CareFRESH bedding, available from International Absorbents, Inc., as well as many pet stores.)
The Dylan Menagerie
The web site of a breeder in the U.K. Has gobs of pictures, information about a hamster mailing list, and the story of "Houdini, the car-eating hamster".
Towy Vale Hamstery
Another hamster breeder in the U.K. The Page has information about hamster clubs and shows in the U.K. and a hamster FAQ.

Cute Hamster Sites

Is there any hamster site that is not cute? Those below are especially cute (and not especially informative).
Room of Hamster
A rather different hamster site. Take a look at the "Internet picture book" for some of the cutest drawings you'll ever see.
Hampster Dance 2
Well, here it is, by popular demand. Clearly one of the more worthless sites on the web, run by someone who doesn't even spell "hamster" correctly. But I'll admit that it is cute. <Grumble, grumble.>

Hamster Discussions

alt.pets.hamsters (requires Usenet access)
The Usenet hamster newsgroup. A good place for hamster discussions of all sorts, sympathy after the loss of a pet, and serious questions. A number of knowledgeable people frequent the group, so questions are likely to get accurate answers. As with most Usenet newsgroups, alt.pets.hamsters sometimes has a low "signal-to-noise ratio", for example when someone posts a recipe for barbecued hamster, and 500 Extremely Helpful People post complaints. But if you're willing to put up with such things, it can be a nice little group.
The Hammy Hut Yahoo! Club (requires a Yahoo! ID -- which is free)
Of the zillions of Yahoo! clubs that claim to be hamster-related, this is the most popular. It appears to be quite worthwhile.

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