This is Part 6 of The Hamster Chronicles, part of Glenn's Hamster Page, by Glenn G. Chappell.

The Hamster Chronicles
Part 6

Monday, June 5, 1995

I'm afraid Paul is no longer with us.

Around 8 p.m. Thursday he got up and came out of his bottle. I picked him up, and he sat on my lap for a bit. Then he went looking for a place to take a nap. As usual, he decided on a nice spot at the back of the sofa. I gave him a piece of a carrot, and he curled up and nibbled on it for a little while before going to sleep. At 9:20 I checked on him. He was still curled up on the sofa with his carrot between his paws, but he was completely limp.

We buried him in a box with his carrot, under a tree next to the park across the street.

Six days earlier we had bought another hamster in K.C., a gray and white banded male we've named "Persistence" (Percy), who is now seven or eight weeks old. He is doing fine, but I think further description of his antics can wait.

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