Orion Lawlor's PhD Thesis: Impostors for Parallel Interactive Computer Graphics

Campus Rendering Antialiased Soft-Shadow Tree

This page describes my parallel programming and computer graphics work on impostors, which are 2D texture standins for real 3D geometry. Impostors provide a substantial amount of latency tolerance and rendering speedup, which can be used to render huge and detailed models--like a model of the entire UIUC campus--with quality antialiased rendering techniques, including soft shadows.

The best places to learn more about these techniques are:

I gave my final defense on 2:00PM Monday, November 29, 2004 in 4407 Siebel. Defense Version of Dissertation (5.5MB, Updated 11/23)


Selected Self Citations

Selected Prior Work

Prelim Report

Prelim Report, final revision (PDF 7.3MB).

Prelim Presentation (PowerPoint, 5.4MB) (PDF 3.4MB) (4-up PDF 1.0MB)

The prelim was held 4:00pm Monday, April 12, 2004.


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Orion Lawlor, olawlor@acm.org, 3/23/2004