CS 493/693 - Simulations in Computer Graphics

Lecture: 3:40-5:10pm TR
Room 106 Chapman Building
University of Alaska Fairbanks

3.0 Credits, Spring 2011
    CS 381 (or substantial OpenGL)
    Physics 212 (Newtonian physics)

Instructor: Dr. Orion Lawlor
lawlor@alaska.edu, 474-7678
Office: 201E Chapman
Hours: 11:30-1 TR (or open door!)


Lecture Notes

Example Code

newton1_robots graphics demo newton1_robots--This is a simple robot simulator build using the Newton game dynamics engine. Download: .zip w/exe (1.5M) .tar.gz (1.4M) (modified 2011-05-10)
volume1_fire graphics demo volume1_fire--Uses 3D textures for fire simulation over solid domain. A simple example of how to simulate, and how to render, a 3D texture. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (989K) (modified 2011-04-21)
wave3_screenspace graphics demo wave3_screenspace--Compute wave equation on a perspective-transformed screenspace grid, which allows us to simulate an unbounded domain. Note how the waves look correct as they expand to the horizon. Follow a wave with a camera, and it will correctly expand indefinitely, until it blurs away to nothing. Download: .zip w/exe (1.3M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2011-04-13)
wave4_physics graphics demo wave4_physics--Various reaction-diffusion physics, including combustion, ice solidification, and predator-prey interaction. Download: .zip w/exe (1.3M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2011-04-13)
fluid2_heatsource graphics demo fluid2_heatsource--Adds rigid boundary conditions (with GL_CLAMP) and a movable heat source. Download: .zip w/exe (1.2M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2011-04-05)
fluid1_multigrid graphics demo fluid1_multigrid--Divergence-based multigrid GPU fluid dynamics simulation, with a simple mushroom cloud initial conditions. Download: .zip w/exe (1.2M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2011-03-29)
wave1_shallow graphics demo wave1_shallow--Generic GPU simulation "playground", with a shallow-water wave simulation. Download: .zip w/exe (1.2M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2011-03-24)
object8_gpucloth graphics demo object8_gpucloth--Run cloth physics on the GPU, using GLSL and my ogl/gpgpu.h libraries. Should run on any recent NVIDIA or (now!) ATI machine. Download: .zip w/exe (1022K) .tar.gz (956K) (modified 2011-03-03)
object7_shadedcloth graphics demo object7_shadedcloth--Add GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP rendering and lighting to cloth simulation. Download: .zip w/exe (922K) .tar.gz (854K) (modified 2011-03-03)
object6_shearcloth graphics demo object6_shearcloth--Adds diagonal elements to cloth simulation, which provides shear resistance. Download: .zip w/exe (920K) .tar.gz (852K) (modified 2011-02-28)
object5_cloth graphics demo object5_cloth--A very simple cloth simulation, built from the chain simulation by adding bending resistance, and running threads along X and Y. The only thing missing is a term to keep the threads approximately 90 degrees apart. Download: .zip w/exe (920K) .tar.gz (852K) (modified 2011-02-24)
object4_chain graphics demo object4_chain--A simple chain implementation. Press 'f' to cycle through which sphere you control with the WASD keys. Download: .zip w/exe (919K) .tar.gz (851K) (modified 2011-02-23)
object3_bunnyracer graphics demo object3_bunnyracer--Wheels now fully operational. Control with the WASD keys. Try popping wheelies, and recovering from a skid. Hit 'r' to reset the bunny, and 'f' to swap camera modes between follow and free. Bunny is fully destructible--try out the 'crumple nose'! Download: .zip w/exe (1007K) .tar.gz (941K) (modified 2011-02-18)
object2_tets graphics demo object2_tets--Simulate a solid model using tetrahedra, generated using TetGen. Also has a green "pusher" sphere you can use to interact with the model. Download: .zip w/exe (862K) .tar.gz (795K) (modified 2011-02-11)
object1_triangles graphics demo object1_triangles--Load a Blender-generated 3D triangle model from a .off file, and simulate spring-based physics using "leapfrog" integration. Download: .zip w/exe (843K) .tar.gz (775K) (modified 2011-02-11)
particles5_searchgrid graphics demo particles5_searchgrid--Same chasers as 4, but now the chasers repel one another using a search grid to find neighboring chaser particles. Download: .zip w/exe (831K) .tar.gz (764K) (modified 2011-01-28)
particles4_chasers graphics demo particles4_chasers--Particles that "chase" the central purple sphere. Also includes drop shadows. Download: .zip w/exe (826K) .tar.gz (758K) (modified 2011-01-28)
particles3_billboards graphics demo particles3_billboards--Billboard particles, drawn as quads with a rotating emissive "fire" texture. Download: .zip w/exe (997K) .tar.gz (929K) (modified 2011-01-27)
particles2_depthsort graphics demo particles2_depthsort--Adds a depth sort to get transparent points, and a GLSL program to compute the points' proper onscreen size. Download: .zip w/exe (827K) .tar.gz (759K) (modified 2011-01-27)
particles1 graphics demo particles1--Simple particle system, with Newtonian GL_POINTS particles bouncing between two spheres. Download: .zip w/exe (780K) .tar.gz (712K) (modified 2011-01-27)