Chris Hartman

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science

University of Alaska Fairbanks


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This (Fall 2008) semester I’m teaching CS411 (Analysis of Algorithms) and 611 (Graduate Analysis of Algorithms). Class information is available to registered students on the UAF Blackboard website.


Interests: Combinatorics, graph theory, virtual reality and computer graphics, computational science, information assurance, computer security.


Some virtual reality projects I worked on as a graduate student.


In Spring 2003 I taught an honors course in Mathematical Graphics (basically, computer graphics to investigate mathematics, for students that aren’t computer science types). The students wrote up their projects here: mccaleb veazey luptak


My mathematical research concentrates on graph theory, especially graph coloring problems. Here are some of my papers, including my Ph.D. thesis.


For my computer science papers, see our web page on the BLUI (Body Language User Interface) project. We are exploring ways to interact with a virtual reality environment, with emphasis on artistic applications.

Chris Hartman,