CS601 Algorithms, Architecture, and Languages

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  • CS331
  • CS411
  • CS441 or EE443
Orion Lawlor
Duckering 529
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Chapman 104
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Required Texts
New Turing Omnnibus (NTO), A.K. Dewdney, 1993

Course Description

Current research on, and cross-cutting interrelationships between computer algorithms, machine architecture, and languages. Covers asymptotic performance analysis including NP-completeness, modern parallel hardware including multicore, and grammars and parsing from regular expressions to BNF.

Tentative Schedule

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Students are expected to be at every class meeting on time, and are responsible for all class content, whether present or not. If absence from class is necessary, in-class work (other than quizzes) and homework may be made up only if the instructor is notified as soon as possible; in particular, absences due to scheduled events must be arranged ahead of time. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with according to UAF procedures. Students in this class must pay the CS lab fee.

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