CS 601: Algorithms, Architecture, and Languages


  • Final Exam and overall course grades are posted on NetRun's grading area.  This was a good semester, thank you!
  • The final exam will be a normal on-paper exam from 1-3 p.m., Thursday, May 3, in our usual classroom Chapman 206.
  • Project 1 , the second project, is to write a scientific paper.  Deliverables:
    • Send me a rough outline Friday, April 20.
    • We'll do a review session on Friday, April 27 in class
      • Bring an anonymized paper copy, formatted like a scientific paper, for your classmates to read and red pen.  (Ideally this version would already be feature complete and typo free.)
    • The final draft is due Thursday, May 3, the day of the final exam--have the final "camera ready" PDF finished by midnight, and turn it in on Blackboard .
  • HW2 is on the orderly cyber distribution of root vegetables, links due by email by midnight on Thursday, April 19.
  • Turn in your final PDF annotated bibliography for project 0 on Blackboard (log in first) by midnight Wednesday, March 21.
  • The midterm exam will be in class and on paper this Wednesday, March 7.
  • Turn in your list of ten project 0 papers on Blackboard (log in first) by midnight Wednesday, March 7.
  • HW1 on Context Free Grammar parsers is on NetRun and due Friday, February 23.
  • Project 0 research topics are due in class Wednesday, Febrary 21.
  • HW0 on architectures & algorithms is now due Monday, January 29 (was due Friday, January 26, but NetRun was inaccessible Friday.  It's back up now!)

Lecture Notes & Links

Course syllabus & grading