CS481/CS681 - Topics in Computer Graphics - 2007

  • Homeworks
    • HW11 due Thursday, April 19; "Blurry Shadows" (modified 2007-04-12)
    • PROJ2 due Thursday, May 12; "Project 2 Final Code" Thursday, May 3; "Project 2 Presentation" Tuesday, May 1; "Project 2 Draft Code" Tuesday, April 10; "Project 2 Topic" (modified 2007-04-03)
    • HW10 due Thursday, April 5; "Digital Photos" (modified 2007-04-03)
    • HW9 due Tuesday, March 27; "Blender Sculpt" (modified 2007-03-20)
    • HW8 due Thursday, February 22; "Basic MPI" (modified 2007-02-15)
    • HW7 due Thursday, February 15; "Terrain Trees" (modified 2007-02-08)
    • HW3 due (past) Thursday, February 1st; "Sphere Array" (modified 2007-02-06)
    • HW6 due Tuesday, February 13; "Volumes" (modified 2007-02-06)
    • PROJ1A due Tuesday, February 27; "Project 1 Draft Code" Tuesday, March 6; "Project 1 Presentation" (past) Thursday, February 15; "Project 1 Topic" (modified 2007-02-06)
    • HW2 due (past) Tuesday, January 30th; "Donut Arm" (modified 2007-02-01)
    • HW5 due Thursday, February 8; "IFS Spheres" (modified 2007-02-01)
    • HW1 due (past) Thursday, January 25th; "Shiny Red Triangle" (modified 2007-01-30)
    • HW4 due Tuesday, February 6; "Particle Fountain" (modified 2007-01-30)
  • Example Code:
    • 481_depthof--Use the geometry-blurring antialiasing technique of 481_antialias to compute depth-of-field in realtime on the GPU. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-04-20)
    • 481_antialias--Antialias polygon edges using a vertex and fragment shader. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-04-19)
    • 481_radiosity3--Estimate both solid angle and radiance by rendering small views from a 3D grid of points. Unlike the previous radiosity examples, this technique can deal with texturing, alpha-blended shapes, and multiple occluders. It's the slowest one we've seen yet, however! Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-04-17)
    • 481_radiosity2--Like first radiosity, but now includes the shadow of the central sphere object, computed either via conetracing or via stochastic raytracing. Download: .zip w/exe (1.2M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-04-12)
    • 481_radiosity--Computes lighting via a radiosity-style solid angle for a large diffuse light source. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-04-10)
    • 481_stereo_view_big--Many example images for 481_stereo_view program, and Linux executable to do stereo matching on your own images. Download: .zip w/exe (68M) .tar.gz (68M) (modified 2007-04-06)
    • 481_stereo_view--Drape a photograph over 3D geometry reconstructed from stereo offsets. Download: .zip w/exe (1.7M) .tar.gz (1.5M) (modified 2007-04-06)
    • 481_pointat--Shows how to use glReadPixels to determine what object the mouse is pointing at. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (950K) (modified 2007-02-27)
    • 481_terrain Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-02-08)
    • hw4_key Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-02-08)
    • 481_volumes--Volume rendering OpenGL program, sample dataset, and converter for JPEG images. Download: .zip w/exe (1.5M) .tar.gz (1.4M) (modified 2007-02-06)
    • hw3_key Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (980K) (modified 2007-02-06)
    • 481_ifs3d--Draws an Iterated Function System (IFS) in 3D, using particles. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (1000K) (modified 2007-02-01)
    • hw2_key Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (980K) (modified 2007-02-01)
    • 481_particles--Particle systems, using GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_POINT_SIZE and GL_POINT_SPRITE for nice rendering. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (990K) (modified 2007-01-30)
    • hw1_key Download: .zip w/exe (262K) .tar.gz (258K) (modified 2007-01-26)
    • 481_lighting--Demonstrates diffuse and specular lighting in per-pixel shaders. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (980K) (modified 2007-01-25)
    • 481_matrix2--Adds gluPerspective, coordinate axes, and other matrix calls to 481_matrix example. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (980K) (modified 2007-01-22)
    • 481_matrix--Pure OpenGL, GLUI, and simple GLSL example program showing how to draw stuff onscreen, and use OpenGL's glLoadMatrixf routine. Download: .zip w/exe (1.1M) .tar.gz (980K) (modified 2007-01-18)

Reference Material

Meeting time: 11:30-1:00pm
Room 107 Chapman Building
University of Alaska Fairbanks

UAF CS F481/F681
3.0 Credits, Spring 2007
Prerequisite: CS 381 (Graphics)

Instructor: Dr. Orion Lawlor
ffosl@uaf.edu, 474-7678
Office: 210C Chapman
Hours: noon-1 MWF (or whenever!)

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