CS 301 - Assembly Language

Meets MWF 3:30-4:30 PM
(New!) Room 106 Chapman Building
University of Alaska Fairbanks
CS F301-F01 (#73868)
3.0 Credits, Fall 2005
Prerequisite: CS 201 (Programming)
Instructor: Dr. O. Lawlor
ffosl@uaf.edu, 474-7678
Office: 210C Chapman
Hours: 1-2 MWF or by appointment
Required Textbook: Computer Systems, Bryant and O'Hallaron, Prentice Hall 2003 ADA Compliance: Will work with Office of Disabilities Services (203 WHIT, 474-7043) to provide reasonable accomodation to students with disabilities.



O. Lawlor, ffosl@uaf.edu
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