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How to sign up for classes

UAF lets newly-enrolled students sign up for classes completely online for your first semester. Everybody else needs a paper "UAF Registration Form", which your advisor needs to sign:

  1. Print out your "UAF Registration Form" via UAOnline :
    • Student Services, Financial Aid & Account Information
    • Registration
    • Select Term (select the current registration term and click on Submit)
    • Check Your Registration Eligibility (click on Print your UAF Registration Form)
    • Print in landscape mode for more room to fill out course numbers
  2. Read the Course Catalog, look at your degree requirements, and pick out fun classes that will help you get your degree.
  3. Talk to your academic advisor, which can be any CS professor--so pick one you like! Your advisor must sign your UAF Registration Form.
  4. Turn in the UAF Registration Form at Admissions and Records, in Signer's Hall.
  5. Attend classes the first day. Once your UAF Registration Form is turned in, you can then add and delete classes on UAOnline.

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