CS 601: Algorithms, Architecture, and Languages


  • Course grades are available on UAOnline, and detailed grades and comments are on NetRun.  This was a fun class--thank you!
  • The take-home final exam is due back Saturday, May 7 on Blackboard (log in first).
  • The take-home midterm exam is due back Wednesday, March 30 on Blackboard (log in first).  (Updated Thursday noon to replace unicode Logical OR ∨ with plain ASCII "v" in question 3, and replace overbar inversion with ~ in 3.a, so it is readable in all editors.)
  • Project 1 review drafts have been anonymized; look up your two papers to review and fill out the review form by Wednesday, March 23.
  • HW1: Write a right-recursive grammar for the (postfix) language:     S -> SS+ | SS* | a         Have this ready Monday, February 22 in class for discussion.
  • For your project 1 papers: pick any of your talks, and format the lecture notes like a scientific paper.  This should include:
    • An abstract, introduction, main body, conclusions, and references
    • A coherent narrative description of the topic
    • Correctly formatted citations to prior work in the research literature
    • Turn in a review draft on Blackboard by midnight Monday, February 29
  • HW0: measure and chart the time to add n elements to a: std::map, std::list, std::vector, a preallocated array, and a plain C buffer managed with realloc.  Write up at most one page, in PDF format, summarizing this performance data.  Due by the end of the day Thursday, January 28 on Blackboard (log in first).

Lecture notes

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Orion Lawlor

Orion Lawlor
  • Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2004 Ph.D.
  • Computer graphics; parallel programming; robotics; 3D printing.
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