CS480: Robotics & 3D Printing

Self-driving cars, 3D printers, and computer-controlled machine tools are modern applications of a common software core of path planning and motion control. This course will cover the mathematical background in 3D computational geometry, hands-on applications such as designing and printing high strength robot parts, and online algorithms for driving robots. Specific topics will be adapted according to student interest, but will include parametric 3D part design in the OpenSCAD constructive solid geometry programming language, computational geometry such as 3D printer slicing algorithms, creating and optimizing offline motion plans such as gcode, robot control system design and construction with Arduino microcontrollers and off-the-shelf motor controllers, network-centric robotics using the UAF-developed SuperStar web infrastructure, robot online motion control algorithms, computer vision techniques such as color matching and machine-readable markers, and algorithms for mobile robot localization and navigation in structured and unstructured environments. Hands-on experiments and tools will be available in Chapman 205, including several 3D printers, CNC hardware, and a variety of mobile robots including Roombas and LAYLA telepresence hardware. Prerequisites: CS 311 or equivalent experience programming complex applications in a modern language like C++ or Python, and Math 252 (Calculus III).

(3,0 Credit hours)

  1. Orion Lawlor      

    Orion Lawlor
  2. Associate Professor, Computer Science
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2004 Ph.D.
    Computer graphics; parallel programming; robotics; 3D printing.
    ELIF 134
    Lawlor's Page
    Office Hours
    MTWRF 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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