UAF CS Bioinformatics Powerwall

Using the powerwall
Dr. John Genetti and a graduate student use the powerwall in Chapman 205 to examine a terrain model of Fairbanks, Alaska.

In the summer of 2006 the UAF Computer Science Department and bioinformatics program purchased and assembled a 20-screen powerwall.



Dr. Genetti examines his aurora rendering, initially prepared for the Hayden Planetarium, on the powerwall.
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11.jpg 17.jpg 19.jpg 22.jpg

Students used the powerwall during the February 2007 MCM to view state-scale census data and develop a fully automated congressional redistricting algorithm.
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mcm_2007_001.jpg mcm_2007_097.jpg mcm_2007_098.jpg mcm_2007_099.jpg mcm_2007_100.jpg

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mcm_2007_101.jpg mcm_2007_102.jpg mcm_2007_103.jpg mcm_2007_104.jpg
Faculty and students explore a terrain flythrough of Fairbanks, Alaska.
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terrain_814.jpg terrain_815.jpg terrain_817.jpg terrain_819.jpg terrain_820.jpg

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terrain_821.jpg terrain_822.jpg terrain_823.jpg terrain_889.jpg terrain_894.jpg

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terrain_895.jpg terrain_896.jpg terrain_897.jpg terrain_898.jpg terrain_899.jpg

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terrain_900.jpg terrain_901.jpg



Setup Notes

If you'd like an account on the powerwall for a research project, just send an email to Dr. Lawlor!

Dr. Lawlor, Dr. Genetti