2007 MCM at UAF

The MCM is the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, is an applied simulation and mathematics contest-by-mail.  Teams of three undergraduates spend four days writing code and preparing a writeup for their choice of two problems.  The writeups from across the world are then mailed to COMAP and read, and the "Outstanding" writeups are published in the COMAP journal.  UAF has had quite a few Outstanding papers in the past, and both of UAF's 2006 teams were rated "Meritorious", the second-highest possible ranking.

2007 MCM Team

CS majors Kent Overstreet, Joel St. John, and James Halliday represented UAF at the 2007 MCM. Here is their 42-page writeup on congressional redistricting, which they completed hours before the 4pm Monday deadline!
Posted by Dr. Lawlor, MCM 2007 Faculty Advisor.