Orion's Standard License (Public Domain)


You can do whatever you want.

Examples of things you're perfectly welcome to do:


I release the copyright to this work to the public domain.  If your country does not have a concept of public domain, I recommend you get a better country.

Hence this license ("License") grants you ("You") the non-exclusive right ("Right") to download, use, modify, and redistribute the covered images, text, and software ("Stuff") of Orion Sky Lawlor or related entities ("Me") without limitation or exclusion.

Of course, there is no warranty. If the Stuff causes You problems, sorry, I'm always glad to get bug reports.


I always hope, but not require, that you will acknowledge and respect my authorship. For example, it is extremely impolite to remove the original author's name from source code and misrepresent it as your own. Conversely, it is extrordinarily impolite to redistribute an "improved" version of software without clearly identifying it as such.

I'm always happy to hear about people using my stuff.  You don't have to email me to ask permission, though--just do it.

It's arguable whether any online "contract" (like the silly clickthrough EULA's in all modern software) is worth the bits it's printed on, since there's no opportunity to refuse or negotiate the darned thing. My only hope with this license it to make clear that you're free to do what you like, but you're on your own.

This license is released for public use under itself.

Orion Sky Lawlor, olawlor@acm.org, 2006-12-28
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