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Monday December 6

  • Exam prep; conclusion of assignments
  • mod_perl
  • Why is Perl so popular?
  • How Perl will continue to grow
  • Perl 6
  • The future of online applications
  • Review for final exam
  • Application: Upgrading Perl
  • Application: ecommerce
  • Lab exercise: stateful CGI

The Final Exam

  • Very similar in format to the midterm:
    • 15-25 multiple-choice questions
    • One brief programming assignment
  • The program might be similar to one of the programs from class, or a past assignment
  • You are permitted to use the 'net and your class texts, but no interactive/human source of help
  • Time: Scheduled for 8-10pm (gbn will check on making this earlier)
  • Location: Chapman computer science lab
  • Duration: 2 hours (max)

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UAF Computer Science
Prof. Greg Newby