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Graduate Seminar  at 1pm Tuesdays in Chapman 104.

Student Clubs

Student Activities

  • The Alaska Research Cubesat is building a small satellite this year, and looking for interested CS students! Talk to Dr. Lawlor (in CS), or Dr. Thorsen (in EE) for details.

  • ACM Programming Contest (see the official rules) is a fun afternoon programming competition, that we'll hold sometime this fall.

  • The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). UAF has done well in 2008 ("Outstanding")2006 ("Meritorious")1999 ("Outstanding"), and has a long history of "Outstanding" teams. Talk to Dr. Lawlor to see about getting on one of UAF's two three-student teams!

  • The National Collegiate Cyber-Defense Competition (CCDC) is a one weekend contest where you defend a network of computers against a really good "red team" of attackers.  Talk to Dr. Lawlor to see about getting on UAF's eight-student team!

  • We've been working on a powerwall in Chapman 205. Check it out!

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