Project 1

Computer Security I, Dr. Lawlor

The project is designed as a way for you to do hands-on work with security topics in a field of your choice.

Each project should contain at least some of each of these three things:


Tuesday, October 3, in class: initial project topic discussion. Be prepared to talk about your project for about two minutes.

Thursday, October 12, midnight: Turn in rough draft code & brief writeup.  Rough draft needs to run, and have at least some of the features of the final version, but does not need to do everything you wanted, and does not need to be pretty or polished.

October 17 & 19: Present results in class (about 15 minutes each).

Tuesday, October 31, midnight: Turn in final draft code & brief writeup.

Suggested Topics

Feel free to pick one of these, combine two or more, or pick some unlisted topic!

Network Services: