CS 481 Homework Instructions

Homework submissions should be packaged as a .zip (right-click, "Create .zip Archive") or .tgz (in UNIX, "tar czvf cs481_hw1_<lastname>.tgz *") file. Please include:
  1. All needed source code. If it's not clear which is the main file, this should be pointed out in the README.
  2. A README file containing:
  3. A LICENSE file specifying the legal rights to your code.  I prefer to release my code to the public domain, but you could use the GPL license, BSD, or even "Copyright <your name> 2005.  All rights reserved.".  I'd like to make available on the course website anything cool that has a reasonable license; please let me know if you'd prefer I didn't.
Note that:

O. Lawlor, ffosl@uaf.edu
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