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As my main project for the semester, I created a system to display functions of the form Z(x,y). It is cromprised of a Perl script handling input, rewriting files and compiling them, with one C++ program that ouputs the partial derivatives with respect to x and y (for lighting purposes) and one C++ program to display the function.
You will also need the makefile to run this program. The partial Derivatives are calculated with GiNaC.

The display program is based heavily on illiSkel by George Francis, Stuart Levy, Glenn Chappell, and Chris Hartman.

The program was originally done using GiNaC, making one large program, but it ran too slowly, as it was calculating partial derivitives every time it drew a vertex. Another issue was lighting; I was originally using illiLight, but has more success with OpenGL lighting.


Fix Lighting.
Clean up Code.
Fix script to replace A^B with pow(A,B).
Create nicer gui interface.