CS 493/693 - Computer Forensics, Fall 2005
TR 5:20 - 6:50 in Chapman 106


12/09 The Final exam (MS Word or pdf) is due by the end of the final examination period (7:45) on Thursday December 15.
12/02 The final will be a take-home exam due at 5:45 on Thursday December 15. There will be presentations during the final examination time of 5:45-7:45. I will make the exam available on Thursday December 8.

Student Presentations Given:

09/15 - Overview of SPAM by Eric Cray
09/27 - Where can you hide data on a disk? by John Henry
09/27 - How to determine what CDs/DVDs have been played on a computer? by Alan Blair
10/04 - Overview of Social Engineering by Eric Cray
10/04 - Overview of Compromises Resulting in Identity Theft by Patrick Webb
10/18 - Overview of TCP/IP networking by Dayyan Lord
10/18 - Overview of DNS by Travis Veazey
10/18 - Overview of Google Earth Viewer
10/20 - Difference between a virus and a worm by Brian Buechler
10/27 - Case study of a phishing scam by Alan Blair
10/27 - Case study of the melissa virus by Eric Cray
10/27 - Case study of the Slammer worm by Jason Jones
11/01 - What information is kept in a MS Word document? by Angela Totemoff
11/01 - Case study of a man-in-the-middle attack by Erik Gregg
11/03 - Case study of the Mitnick/Shimomura IP spoofing incident by Walter Barnes
11/03 - Overview of e-mail headers by John Henry
11/10 - Case study of a buffer overflow by Edward Trochim
11/10 - Detailed Example of Buffer Overflow by Chris Hecker
11/15 - Code Red / Witty Worms by Matthew Page
11/22 - Host Detection Tools (Re-con) by Matthew Page
11/22 - Remote Physical Device Fingerprints (Kohno/CAIDA) by Alan Blair
12/1 - enCase Demo by Chris Hecker & John Henry
12/6 - Legality of Cache Poisoning by Walter Barnes
12/6 - Overview of Windows Intrusion Tools by Aniel Seesan
12/6 - DMCA Overview by Charles Clark
12/6 - Titan Rain by Charles Clark
12/8 - Finding Hidden Data in Images by Brian Buechler
12/8 - Live Demo of saving/reading data in the slack space by Duane Risse
12/8 - Overview of Intrusion Detection Systems by Jason Jones

Student Presentations Scheduled:

12/15 - Sony DRM for music CDs by Edward Trochim
12/15 - Case study of DNS cache-poisoning by Travis Veazey
12/15 - How is the RIAA finding people who download copyrighted files? by Patrick Webb
12/15 - Computer Forensics issues with Instant Messaging by Erik Gregg
12/15 - Ten Ways to Torpedo your Data Discovery Expert by (Deborah Juhnke) by Aniel Seesan
12/15 - Overview of Kucala Enterprises v. Auto Wax by Angela Totemoff


09/15 - The Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School) has a searchable form of the U.S. Code online.

Course Materials:

01/29 - Regents' Policy on Information Resources
01/29 - University Regulation 02.07.01
01/29 - UAF Computing Policy
09/15 - Class Schedule
09/15 - Syllabus

Old Announcements:

11/15 Exam #2 (MS Word or pdf) is due by the end of class on Tuesday November 22.
10/07 Exam #1 (MS Word or pdf) is due by the end of class on Tuesday October 11.
10/06 Exam #1 will be a take-home exam and due by the end of class on Tuesday October 11. The exam will be handed out in class and posted on the web page after class.
9/26 HW#2 due date corrected to 9/27.
9/17 Class on Tuesday 9/20 will be in Chapman 205 (ASSERT Lab). It will be a networking overview and an introduction to the lab. There will be no class on Thursday 9/22.
9/17 HW#2 due 9/27 at the start of class. Read the UAF Computing Policy and the Board of Regents' Policy and Regulations for Information Resources. What is the difference between policy and regulation? Under what circumstances may a UAF employee look at files on my computer (purchased by UAF) on my local disk in a directory called "Personal"? Is it permissable to share your password? your dorm internet connection?
09/15 This page is finally up.
09/01 HW#1 due Tue 09/06 at the start of class. Pick a typical activity (e.g. drive to Fred Meyer, buy something, get something to eat and return home) and point out all of the digital trails (evidence) you create.