CS 381 - Computer Graphics, Fall 2007
TR 2:00 - 3:30 in Chapman 107


Complete grades and final class standings will be posted shortly.
The final exam will be given in class from 1-3pm on Thursday, 12/20.  See the Final Exam Review page for more info.
Projects are due Friday, 12/14 on Blackboard.
Project Presentations scheduled for Tuesday, 12/11 and Thursday, 12/13, alphabetically by email address.
Tuesday, December 11
Thursday, December 13
Chris Granade
Denis Nikolskiy
Ryan Turnquist
Ian Dixon

Jennifer Parsons

John Vainikka

Tonya Lloyd

Progress Report is due on Thursday, December 6.
Project Topic is due Tuesday, November 20.
Dr. Lawlor will demo the Powerwall during the 2nd half of class.
11/13 HW#7 is due Tuesday, November 20 and includes the first project assignment.
11/03 HW#6 is due Thursday, November 8.
10/30 Class will meet at the Discovery Lab on the 3rd floor of the library. From the entrance on the main level, go down one floor and follow the signs past the microfiche and film archives to the end of the hall.
10/22 The take-home Midterm will be handed out in class on Thursday 10/25 and is due on Thursday 11/1. The exam is also available in the Assignments folder on Blackboard and the solutions must be submitted via Blackboard.
10/20 HW#5 is due Thursday 10/25.
10/11 HW#4 is due Tuesday 10/16.
10/02 HW#3 is due Tuesday 10/09.
10/01 Dr. Chappell's lecture notes from Fall, 2003 are here.
Dr. Lawlor's lecture notes from Fall, 2006 are here.
09/27 The due date for HW#2 has been extended to Tuesday, Oct 2 for programs/questions not previously submitted. Please review the graded work for HW#2 in Blackboard and submit any new material to ffmgr@uaf.edu with the subject: "CS 381 - HW #2".
09/18 HW#2 is due Tuesday 9/25.
09/11 HW#1 is due Tuesday 9/18.


Interactive Computer Graphics - Companion web page for the blue text, by the author.
Example Programs - Directory contains source code for all example programs in the OpenGL Programming Guide (“the red book”). Some of these differ slightly from those in the text.
OpenGL.org - The official site for OpenGL. If you look around, you can find a fair amount of sample code.
OpenGL Documentation - A web-ified copy of the OpenGL man(ual) pages. It is a bit out of date (OpenGL v1.1), and it is not a tutorial, but if you want to look up the spec’s for an OpenGL function quickly, this is the place to go. You can also search on 'man glcolor3f' using your favorite search engine.
GLUT - The homepage for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) by Mark J. Kilgard.
Download GLUT for Windows - Dr. Chappell's page on GLUT for Windows.

Learning OpenGL:

OpenGL/GLUT Articles by Miguel Angel Sepúlveda. This series of tutorial articles on OpenGL and GLUT appeared in °LinuxFocus (online magazine) in 1998.

OpenGL Tutors by Nate Robbins - A series of programs that allow the user to investigate various concepts in OpenGL by interactively changing parameters and viewing the result. “Tutors” are provided for fog, materials, textures, primitives, and various aspects of transformations. The pictures on the page illustrate the programs. The code is available in a ZIP file, through the link at the beginning of the page.
OpenGL Lighting, Shadows and Rendering Code - Mark Kilgard’s “way cool, way fast” OpenGL code sampler has been combined with code from other people on this page.
Performance OpenGL Course Material - Material related to a short course on “Performance OpenGL: Platform-Independent Techniques”, by Dave Shreiner and Brad Grantham of SGI. The site is a little bit disorganized, but contains some very worthwhile material. In particular, the first link on the page leads to PowerPoint slides from the 2002 version of the course, which I took and found very helpful. Lots of other stuff is available from the other links.

Course Materials:

09/02 - Syllabus
09/02 - Schedule