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University of Alaska Fairbanks
Computer Science Program

CS 205: Intermediate Programming

Class Syllabus

Catalog description: A second high-level programming (such as C, Fortran, Java or Perl) for students with some experience in other programming languages such as Basic, Pascal or Fortran. CRN 75386.

Prerequisites: One year high school programming, CS 103, 201, or ES 201.

Credits: 3 Credits.

Class meeting time & location: Mondays 6-9:00 pm in Chapman 106

Course overview: This course will explore Perl as a general-purpose language suitable for a wide range of applications. No familiarity with Perl is required, but knowledge of programming fundamentals such as loops and arrays will be assumed.

Course Goals and Student Learning Outcomes: This course will prepare students for independent programming using Perl. Students will be able to undertake relatively complex programming tasks in Perl from start to finish, including generating input and output specifications; identifying appropriate programming methods, data structures, and algorithms; and implementing/testing the solution.

Instructional Methods: Lecture and laboratory.

Readings: A variety of online readings will be used, as well as selections from two books. These books are available online via the Safari Tech Books Online, as well as in print. All readings are required, and should be completed before the class for which they are assigned, unless noted otherwise.

Wall, Larry; Christiansen, Tom & Orwant, Jon. 2000. Programming Perl 3rd ed. Sebastopol: O'Reilly & Associates. ISBN: 0-596-00027-8.

Christiansen, Tom & Torkington, Nathan. 2003. Perl Cookbook 2nd ed. Sebastopol: O'Reilly & Associates. ISBN: 0-596-00313-7.

This is a paperless course. All assignments will be submitted electronically. For more information about see Dr. Newby's paperless page at http://petascale.org/paperless.html.

Grading policy: Letter grades A, B, C, D or F will be assigned to students at the end of the semester based on these factors:

Letter grades will be assigned as follows. Any late work will be downgraded at a rate of 1 point per day or partial (including weekends). Early or late exams will not be given. Assignments are due by the start of class on the assigned due date.

Points (out of 100) 90-100 80-89 70-79 65-69 0-65
  A B C D F

Class participation. Regular contributions to class discussions are expected, as is preparation for class.

Academic Integrity: All work for CS 205 must be your own and original. It is expected that you will benefit from reading and using other people's source code or explanations, but you must write your own programs from scratch. Use of more than a few lines of code that you did not write (even if slightly modified) is considered plagiarism and will result in zero points for an assignment and in referral to your advisor.

Support Services and Disabilities Services: Any available service may be used by students as desired, as long as the Academic Integrity requirement and other course policies above are met. Students should contact Prof. Newby if they have questions about available services.

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