CS 471 Fall 2020: Senior Capstone I

CS 471 Fall 2020
Senior Capstone I

Department: Computer Science, UAF
Instructor: Glenn G. Chappell
Office Hours: No face-to-face office hours during fall 2020; private Zoom sessions are available by appointment
Office phone: (474-)5736
E-mail: ggchappell@alaska.edu
Class meeting Zoom: here (passcode distributed via e-mail)


Course Materials

Materials are listed with the most recent at the top.

Week Class Meetings
R: required; see Blackboard for videos
Readings & Homework Handouts & Code
Week 5
  • R 9/25: Kanban (cont’d)
  • R 9/23: Kanban
  • 9/21: No class meeting; watch the video “Agile Project Management with Kanban”
Week 4
  • 9/18: Waterfall model (cont’d)
  • R 9/16: Requirements & user stories (cont’d); Waterfall model
    Slides [Google Slides]
  • R 9/14: Requirements & user stories (cont’d)
Week 3
  • R 9/11: Requirements & user stories (cont’d)
  • R 9/9: Requirements & user stories
    Slides [Google Slides]
  • 9/7: No class (Labor Day)
Week 2
  • R 9/4: Writing as a software professional
    Slides [Google Slides]
  • R 9/2: Overview of software engineering (cont’d)
  • 8/31: Overview of software engineering (cont’d)
Week 1
  • 8/28: Overview of software engineering (cont’d)
  • R 8/26: Overview of software engineering
    Slides [Google Slides]
  • R 8/24: Course overview
    Slides [Google Slides]
Dates marked R are required days: synchronous attendance is mandatory.

External links last checked August 24, 2020.
Links to supplemental readings & videos will be posted here as they are assigned. Links to these will also be in the “Readings & Homework” column of the Course Materials section, above.
Why does the C++ standard ship every three years?
Herb Sutter’s answer to the question in the title, this blog post has worthwhile things to say about software project management in general. From the Sutter’s Mill blog.
The code I’m still ashamed of
A post on practical software-development ethics by Bill Sourour, found on freeCodeCamp.
Agile Project Management with Kanban
A video of a 2016 talk on Kanban done at Google, by Eric Brechner, author of one of our texts.