"Fast Track" BS/MS in Computer Science Checklist revised 8/22/2006

Student:______________________________ Grad. Date:_____________________
Advisor:______________________________ Date:__________________________
The BS/MS program is a 5-year degree program you must specifically apply into.
You'll receive the BS and MS degrees simultaneously at the end of the program.
Unlike a normal BS program, you are allowed to work as a TA during your 4th and 5th year.

Humanities Requirements
ANTH or SOC 100X_____________  ECON or PS 100X ____________________
HIST 100X____________________  ENGL/FL 200X (lit) ___________________
ART/MUS/THR 200X, HUM 201X, or ANS 202X (art) _____________________
BA 323X, COMM 300X, NRM 303X, PS 300X, or PHIL 322X (ethics) _________
Note: can replace any two courses above with a one-year foreign language sequence.

General Degree Requirements
WRTG 111X___________________ WRTG 211X or 213X___________________
COJO 131X or 141X__________ Library skills: LS 100X, 101X, or test________
Physics (211X-212X)_________________________________________________ 
Other Science (8 credits; note breadth/depth)______________________________

CS Major Requirements

Math 200X (Calc 1)___________ Math 201X (Calc 2) ______________________
Math 307 (Discrete) ___________________ Stat 300 _______________________
English 314X (Tech. Writing) ___________________
CS 201 (CS 1) __________________  CS 202 (CS 2) _______________________
CS 301 (Assembly) ______________ CS 321 (OS)  ________________________
CS 311 (Algorithms) _____________ CS 331 (Languages) __________________
CS 471 (SWE) _________________  CS 402(WO) (Senior Project) ___________
EE 341 _______________________  CS 441 (Arch) or EE 443 _______________

You MUST officially apply and be accepted into the UAF CS Graduate program
well before your final year. In particular, you must submit GRE scores!
CS 611______________________ CS 671______________________
CS 631______________________ CS 641_____________________________
CS 690______________________CS 691_____________________________

CS Elective (UD/Grad)_________CS Elective (Grad)____________________ 
CS Elective (Grad)____________Math Elective (UD)___________________
Note: Math minor with Math 202X________________________________

Total 141 credits______________Grad 24 credits_______________________
Upper Division 39 credits (major 47)____________________________________
Residence (24 UD; 12 UD in CS; 20 Grad )______________________________

Project Title____________________________________
Grad Plan___________Comp______________Adv Cand_______________