Seminar Schedule - CS 690 - Fall 2014

Date ____________Presenter ______________No. ______Title (Provisional) ________________________________________Advisor ____________
Sept 16        
Sept 23 Brandon Marken   Statistical analysis of high-precision timings for virtual machine introspection Hay
Sept 30        
Oct 7        
Oct 14 Travis Payton 1 JavaScript Neural Network Evaluation Lawlor
Oct 21 Matt Van Veldhuizen 1 Code de-obfuscation Hay
Oct 28     (CS Dept Meeting)  
Nov 4 Karl Ott 1 SIMD NLFSR Lawlor
Nov 11 Shaun Bond 1 Projecting Physical Objects Into a Virtual Space Using the Kinect and Oculus Rift Lawlor
Nov 18        
Nov 25 Duncan Fraser 1 Neural Networks Hay
Dec 2     (CS Dept Meeting)  
Dec 9 Brandon Marken   Breaking out of hypervisors via the VMI channel Hay


If you have any questions or concerns about the Graduate Seminar, please contact Dr. Lawlor.