Day 3: Photo Editing in paint.NET

The free program paint.NET (download here) is a small and easy to use photo editing program, although it only runs on Windows 7 or higher.  The popular program Adobe Photoshop supports professional features like reading camera RAW images, and output to CMYK 4-color printing, but it's a fairly expensive program.  The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is free, and runs everywhere (including Mac, Linux, and many others), but the GIMP's interface is a little trickier, so I'll be showing you paint.NET.  All three programs look very similar!

Paint.NET is a raster photo editor, which is good for modifying contrast and brightness, erasing scratches and disowned uncles, and compositing unrelated photos, such as making Cats In Space.  You'll need some test photos to edit, so click here to download a small subset of my photos.

Homework: use paint.NET (or Photoshop, or the GIMP) to clean up one of your own photos.  

Digital Photos on Computers is an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute course taught by Dr. Orion Lawlor.