CS471 Senior Capstone I

3 + 0
  • CS311
  • CS371
Jon Genetti
Office Hours
Meeting Time
Chapman 104
Course Website
Required Texts
Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville, Addison-Wesley, 9th ed

Course Description

Introduction to basic software engineering principles, techniques, methods and standards as applied to the engineering of complex software systems. Topics from software system development process models, multiple view system modeling and specification using UML, classification of software systems, project management and legal issues.

Course Outcomes

  • Ability to create a Software Requirements document.
  • Ability to design a software system based solely on a Software Requirements Document
  • Ability to implement a software system
  • Ability to write a technical "white paper"
  • Ability to give an effective oral presentation
  • Ability to create effective end-user documentation
  • Ability to create effective developer documentation
  • Ability to effectively use a version control system to develop software
  • Ability to design a software system based solely on a Software Requirements Document
  • Ability to implement a software system
  • Ability to effectively use a version control system to develop software

Tentative Schedule

    • Labor Day (offices closed — no classes, registration or fee payment)
    • Course Overview
      • Assign0: User Story for UAF Registration
    • Introduction to Software Engineering (SWE)
    • User Stories / Use Cases / Task Cards
    • Software Requirements / Software Ethics
    • Waterfall - Requirements & Design
      • Assign1: Technical White Paper
    • Waterfall - Testing & Implementation
    • Other Models / Coping with Change
    • Agile Development / Extreme Programming
    • Task Cards / User Stories / Refactoring
    • Scrum and Sprint Cycles
    • Software Requirements Document (SWR)
      • Assign2: User Stories
    • Requirements Elicitation for Web Store (student groups)
    • Class Time to Work on Requirements
    • Requirements Discovery & Validation
      • Assign3: SWR Draft
    • Requirements Management
    • Freshman progress reports due
    • SWR Draft Feedback
    • System Modeling
      • Assign4: SWR FInal
    • Deadline to apply for admission for spring semester (graduate students)
    • Deadline to apply for fall 2014 graduation
    • System Modeling
    • System Modeling
    • SW Architecture Design
    • SW Architecture Views & Patterns
    • SW Application Architectures
    • Spring 2015 course list available at UAOnline
    • System Design
    • System Design Patterns
      • Assign5: DPD Draft
    • Deadline for student- and faculty-initiated withdrawals (W grade appears on academic record)
    • Midterm Review / Give out Take-home Exam
    • Deadline to apply for admission for spring semester (undergraduate students)
    • No class - work on Midterm Exam due by 5pm
    • Midterm exam feedback & discussion
    • DPD Draft Feedback
      • Assign6: DPD Final
    • Begin registration and fee payment for degree students for spring 2015 semester and WINTERmester 2015
    • SW Testing
      • Assign7: Case Study
    • Code Inspections (student-led)
    • Test-driven development
    • Begin registration and fee payment for non-degree students for spring 2015 semester
    • SW Integration Testing
    • Release & User Testing
    • Software Evolution & Maintenance
      • Assign8: SSI / Documentation
    • Legacy System Management
    • Case Study Preparation
    • Thanksgiving holiday (no class)
    • Project Management
    • Project Planning
    • Initial Proposal Review for 472
    • Case Study Presentations
    • Case Study Presentations
    • Last day of instruction
    • Final Exam Review
    • Final Exam 10:15a - 12:15p
    • Residence halls close, noon

Grading Policies

Weight Description
3% Software Requirements (SWR) Draft
3% Software Design Plan (DPD) Draft
5% End-user Documentation
5% Case Study Presentation
5% Developer Documentation
5% Technical White Paper
7% Software Requirements (SWR) Final
7% Software Design Plan (DPD) Final
10% Class Participation
10% User Stories
10% Software System Implementation (SSI)
15% Mid-term Exam
15% Final Exam

Grades will be assigned based on the following percentage intervals:

[95%, 100%)

[90%, 95%)
[85%, 90%)
[80%, 85%)

[75%, 80%)
[70%, 75%)
[65%, 70%)

[60%, 65%)
[55%, 60%)
[50%, 55%)

[45%, 50%)
[40%, 45%)
[0%, 40%)

Course Goals

To introduce you to software engineering and project management, which are required to develop larger software systems.  You will be exposed to various software process models and develop a small software system using the Waterfall Model.  You will also continue to develop skills in technical communcation and explore computer ethics issues.

Writing Intensive (W)

This designation applies to upper-division courses and means that a majority of the graded work in the course will be drived from writing activities.  Writing activities in this course will follow these rules:

  • Students will complete an ungraded writing sample by the second day of class to help the instructor assess writing ability and general competence.
  • Students will receive comments from the instructor on drafts of written work.  In other words, students will work through a draft-and-redraft process so that they can apply feedback and become more effective writers.
  • Students will meet individually with the instructor at least once during the term to discuss their writing.


Students are expected to be at every class meeting on time, and are responsible for all class content, whether present or not. If absence from class is necessary, in-class work (other than quizzes) and homework may be made up only if the instructor is notified as soon as possible; in particular, absences due to scheduled events must be arranged ahead of time. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with according to UAF procedures. Students in this class must pay the CS lab fee.

UAF academic policies http://www.uaf.edu/catalog/current/academics

CS Department policies http://www.cs.uaf.edu/departmental-policies/

Disabilities Services:

The UAF Office of Disability Services implements the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and ensures that UAF students have equal access to the campus and course materials. I will work with the UAF Office of Disability Services (208 WHITAKER BLDG, 474-5655) to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities.