CS405 Artificial Intelligence

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Brandon Marken
Chapman 210B
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Chapman 104
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Required Texts
Blondie24: Playing at the Edge of AI by David B Fogel ISBN 1558607838 and Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach by M. Tim Jones ISBN 0763773379

Course Description

Examine diverse branches of Al placing Al in larger context of computer science and software engineering. Knowledge representation formalism and search technology. Programming methodologies; procedural systems such as expert systems and blackboard systems and non-procedural systems such as neural networks. Software engineering aspects of problem selection, knowledge acquisition, verification and validation. Individual projects.

Course Outcomes

  • Ability to represent and solve AI problems (initial state, actions, goal test, path cost)
  • Understand brute-force searching and how to apply heuristics to improve search time
  • Understand adversarial searching and techniques to improve search time
  • Ability to apply the evolutionary programming model to solve a problem
  • Understand Neural Networks and how they are used to solve AI problems
  • Understand Logic Programming with Prolog
  • Understand how Expert Systems work

Grading Policies

Weight Description
25% Homework
25% Midterm Exam
50% Project

Grades will be assigned based on the following percentage intervals:

[90%, 100%)

[80%, 90%)
[70%, 80%)
[60%, 70%)

[0%, 60%)


Assignments will be required generally on a weekly basis.  The assignments will reinforce lecture concepts and demonstrate application of critical thinking skills.  Unless otherwise specified, all assignments must be done on an individual basis.  Individuals submitting the same or highly similar homework solutions will each receive an F for the semester. Further while I also encourage students to utilize online resources, individuals submitting assignments which are copied directly from the Internet will be also receive an F for the course. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE SEVERELY PENALIZED IF ACCEPTED.


Examinations will consist of short answer questions to demonstrate critical thinking skills as well as application of computer science concepts.   ALL EXAMINATIONS MUST BE TAKEN AS SCHEDULED EXCEPT IN EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES.


Students are expected to be at every class meeting on time, and are responsible for all class content, whether present or not. If absence from class is necessary, in-class work (other than quizzes) and homework may be made up only if the instructor is notified as soon as possible; in particular, absences due to scheduled events must be arranged ahead of time. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with according to UAF procedures. Students in this class must pay the CS lab fee.

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CS Department policies http://www.cs.uaf.edu/departmental-policies/

Disabilities Services:

The UAF Office of Disability Services implements the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and ensures that UAF students have equal access to the campus and course materials. I will work with the UAF Office of Disability Services (208 WHITAKER BLDG, 474-5655) to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities.