Using the Chapman 103 Lab 3D Printer

CS 480: Robotics & 3D Printing, Dr. Lawlor

The Chapman 103 lab printer is a 2012 Printrbot Plus, a wood kit that served as Dr. Lawlor's main printer until he printed his Alaska90 printer on it.

Installing and Configuring the Software

You'll need the printer control software, and model slicing software.

Preparing gcode from your STL file

  1. Open Slic3r, and verify you've chosen the "CS 480" print settings.
  2. Add your STL file, and verify it looks OK
  3. Export gcode file

Printing your file

  1. Turn on the printer's AC power supply.  You should hear the fan spinning.
  2. Plug in the printer's USB cable into your computer.
  3. Open Pronterface (part of Printrun)
  4. Hit "Load File" button, and load your gcode file. 
  5. Hit "Print".
  6. Turn off the printer's AC power supply when you're done.
Questions or problems?  Contact Dr. Lawlor.