Project 1

CS 480: Robotics & 3D Printing Lecture, Dr. Lawlor

From the syllabus:
20% Project 1, an independent project, typically due near the time of the Midterm exam
The project topic can be anything related to 3D printing or robotics--ideally something you're really interested in, but small enough you can make substantial progress by these deadlines:
Group projects are highly encouraged, although the group size shouldn't exceed three students.

Project Topic Suggestions

The most important part of picking a project is picking a subject that:
  1. you care about,
  2. is relevant to the course, and
  3. is achievable in the limited time
For example, "design and build a new 3D printer" sounds great, but can't be done in 5 weeks. "Design and build a 3D printer stepper motor mounting bracket" is achievable.

Possible project topics include:
I highly recommend using as many existing tools as possible, like:
Be sure to cite the tools you use, even those used as references for your design!