CS 472 - Senior Capstone II
Spring 2013 Syllabus

Instructor: Prof. J Genetti
Office Hours: 208B Chapman W 1-3, R 2-3 or by appointment
Office Phone/Email (preferred): 474-5737 / jdgenetti @ alaska . edu
Class Time/Location: TR 5:20-6:50 Chapman 104
Class web page: http://www.cs.uaf.edu/2013/spring/cs472
Prerequisites: CS471; COMM1[34]1X; ENGL111X; ENGL21[13]X; Senior Standing
Department policies: http://www.cs.uaf.edu/cs/Policies.html
Required Textbook: Software Engineering (9th edition) by Sommerville

Catalog Description: Group projects in a real computer industry environment and produce appropriate documentation and reports. Nature, ethics, and legal considerations of the computer science profession are discussed with an emphasis on ethics. Additional topics include project management, design methodologies, technical presentation, human-machine interface and programming team interactions.

Course goals: Allow you to be part of a team that develops a software system for a real-world client using an Agile software process model. You will also continue to develop skills in technical communication and explore computer ethics issues.

Expected Outcomes

Group Graded Measurements: Group projects will consist of 2-4 person teams that will specify, design, implement and test a software system for a real-world client. All members of a group will receive the same grade for each item required for the group project. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Final Grade %Activity
5% Pre-scrum analysis, requirements & design. Project management decisions (meetings, communication, version control system for code & docs, how to document the process)
5% Scrum #1 Technical Review (team + me)
5% Status Presentation #1 (whole class, will be recorded for feedback)
5% Scrum #2 Technical Review (team + me)
5% Status Presentation #2 (whole class, will be recorded for feedback)
5% Scrum #3 Technical Review (team + me)
5% Status Presentation #3 (Final) (whole class, will be recorded for feedback)
10% Final Software Requirements Document *
10% Final Design Document *
5% Software Process Documents *

Items marked with an * will be evaluated based on:

20%Formatting and layout (does it look like a professional created it?)
20%Spelling and grammar
60%Technical content (it is complete and correct?)

Individual Graded Measurements:
Final Grade %Activity
10% take-home midterm exam due Thursday March 7 at 5pm
10% in-class, closed-book final exam (CS Field Test) on Tuesday May 7 from 5:45-7:45p
10% Project Participation (how much you have contributed to the project)
10% Class Participation (peer review, constructive critique, active exchange of ideas)

Grading Policy:
Final grades will be assigned based on the following percentage intervals: A+ [95%,100%], A [90%,95%), A- [85%,90%), B+ [80%,85%), B [75%,80%), B- [70%,75%), C+ [65%,70%), C [60%,65%), C- [55%,60%), D+ [50%,55%), D [45%,50%), D- [40%,45%), F [0%,40%).

Disabilities Services: The Office of Disability Services implements the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and insures that UAF students have equal access to the campus and course materials. I will work with the Office of Disabilities Services to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities.