CS 472 - Senior Capstone II
Spring 2013 Mid-term Exam
Due Friday March 8 by 5pm

You may use any resource (book, internet, notes, etc) as long as you complete this exam by yourself. Turn in your exam by 5pm on Friday March 8. E-mail submission is preferred (I will acknowledge) but you may also hand a copy to me by Friday.

  1. In 2010, there was an incident at Harriton High School (PA) where employee(s) of the school were remotely activating the webcam on laptops issued to students. Give a summary of the incident and aftermath. This should be approximately 1 page and your grade will be based on how complete and accurate your summary is. (15 points)

    Using the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as a guide, point out 4 bad decisions made by those involved and how they could have avoided or reduced their problems by following the ACM code. (15 points)

  2. Give a summary of the GNU General Public License (GPL) V3.

    Is is possible/what are the issues involved with using GPL-licensed code in

    1. a large commercial product (e.g. an image editing program that runs on Linux)
    2. your 472 group project
    3. a free iphone/ipad app

    (20 points)

  3. California has canceled a second DMV software project. Give a summary (it could take some effort as those involved don't like to provide details) of both projects, the cost, and the main reason(s) for failure. What will be necessary for them to eventually create a working system? What are the similarities between this project and the NYC CityTime project? (20 points)

  4. Bill currently works for a very large company that requires employees to wear badges on-site. Last year, the company was going to add transponders to badges for real-time tracking of employees. They ultimately decided against it due to the cost of the transponders and the unpleasant feedback from employees.

    Now, the CIO has approached Bill to create an application that would link employee badges to cell phones. A few employees have cell phones issued by the company (mainly on-call support people), but the vast majority of cell phones used in the building are owned by the employees or visitors. The company made a deal with a cell provider to place a cell tower on their property in return for real-time access to location data for any cell phone connecting to that tower. Eventually, all of the cell phones used by employees in the building can be linked to a badge and used to track the employees. The company isn't planning to inform the employees of this until after the system has been operational for a while to show "there is nothing to worry about."

    Bill has come to you for advice and is asking about his legal and professional ethics options. What do you tell him after you do some research? Be sure to justify your statements/recommendations (e.g. if you say something is illegal or legal, document your source).

    Hint: If your sentences begin with "I think" or "I would" then you are applying your personal ethics.

    (30 points)

Be sure to document your sources of information and rate their reliability for all questions.