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CS 331 Spring 2013
Requirements for Presentations

Each student in the class is required to make an in-class presentation on a computer language. The presentation is worth 40 points.

General Requirements


You should cover three areas (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Overview
  2. Building and executing a program
  3. Special features of the language

The specific topics chosen should be tailored to the language.

1. Overview

Here are examples of things you might discuss. (You do not need to cover them all.)

2. Building and Executing a Program

Go through the entire process of writing source code and turning it into something executable. Then execute it.

The program you execute does not need to be long or complicated. It may be partially written before your presentation. Ideally, it should be well suited to the language. For example, if the language is aimed at graphics, then your program should make a picture.

3. Special Features of the Language

What is special about this language? Show us. Here are some possible features to demonstrate. You might choose one (or maybe two) that are particularly interesting in your language.


The presentation will be worth 40 points (the same as two normal assignments). For groups of two, both students will receive the same score, assuming that both are significantly involved in doing the presentation.

Criteria for grading are as follows.


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