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CS 321 Spring 2013
Requirements for Presentations

Each student in the class is required to make an in-class presentation on some topic related to operating systems. The presentation is worth 40 points.

General Requirements

What to Cover

You are giving a short introduction to a topic. Obviously, you will not be able to go into great detail. But your audience should leave with some useful, understandable information that they did not have before.

For most topics, it is appropriate to begin with a general introduction: what is your topic? Then move on to an overview of what you intend to present. Lastly, give the details, in whatever form is appropriate (code?). Some example presentation formats are below.

Example format 1. Aimed at implementation-of-something presentations.

Example format 2. Aimed at using-a-feature presentations.


The presentation will be worth 40 points (a bit less than two normal assignments). For groups of two, both students will receive the same score, assuming that both are significantly involved in doing the presentation.

Criteria for grading are as follows.


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