Paper 1

CS 641 Paper, Dr. Lawlor

I'd like you to write a research paper.  It doesn't have to be a completely novel topic (no paper actually is), and it doesn't have to describe only your own work (referencing other people's work is always recommended), but it has to look like a research paper, and consist of 100% your own writing,

Elements of a Research Paper

Every single research paper on the planet has:

Research or Applied Topics

These topics are research of the form "Learn and present what people have done about X" rather than applied work of the form "Build a new X". 
Here are some applied project possibilities.  As long as it's even tangentially related to something we covered in class, it counts.  Do keep in mind that the end product is not code, it's a detailed document describing prior work on similar topics, explaining how your implementation is different, and analyzing the performance of your code.