HW1: Technical Translation

CS 641 Homework, Dr. Lawlor

The following is the abstract of some recent interesting hardware/software co-design work:

嵌入式計算機系統是普遍存在的,當代嵌入式應用表現出苛刻的計算和效率的要求。滿足這些需求,目前需要使用專用集成電路和複雜的片上系統組件的集合。應用的具體設計和實施?C集 成電路是既昂貴又費時。的努力和犧牲大多數來自手動降低到相當於低層次的描述,更適合硬件實現系統的高層次描述所需的非經常性工程活動。可編程系統,特別 是有效地使用高層次的編程語言,可以有針對性的,提供降低開發成本和縮短設計時間。他們還提供了升級以前部署的新標準和應用系統開發所需的靈活性。然而, 可編程系統效率低於固定功能硬件。這大大限制類應用程序的可編程處理器是一​​個可接受的替代品應用程序特定的固定功能硬件,效率的要求往往排除使用可編 程硬件。限制效率,提高效率的可編程系統與最現代的計算機系統是一個嚴峻的挑戰和計算機系統研究的一個活躍的領域。

本 文介紹瓦卡,高效的可編程系統為高性能嵌入式應用。瓦卡是顯著的效率比傳統的計算密集型內核嵌入式處理器。瓦卡允許軟件利用並行實現的性能,同時管理地方 實現效率。瓦卡實現一種新的分佈式和分層的系統組織,允許軟件利用豐富的並行性,重用,在嵌入式應用中存在的局部性。瓦卡提供了各種機制,以協助在測繪應 用,有效地大規模並行系統軟件。為了提高效率,瓦卡允許軟件明確安排和協調的指令和數據的移動和安置。本論文提出和批判分析的概念,包括計算機體系結構, 編譯技術,超大規模集成電路,現代嵌入式計算機系統,以提高性能和效率的互動。本文的一個中心主題是揭露深和分佈式存儲層次軟件的可編程嵌入式系統的效率 可以提高顯著。這允許軟件利用時間和空間重用和水平,以便在應用程序的多個地方,以減少指令和數據運動。

Oops, that's the Chinese version!  Here's what Google Translate produces from it:

Embedded computer systems is a common, contemporary embedded applications demonstrate the requirements of the demanding computational and efficiency. To meet these needs, the need to use a collection of ASIC and complex on-chip system components. Application specific design and implementation is both expensive and time consuming. The efforts and sacrifices from manually reduced to the equivalent low-level description is more suitable for hardware implementation system of high-level description of the required non-recurring engineering activities. Programmable systems, especially the effective use of high-level programming language, can be targeted to provide lower development costs and shorten design time. They also provide the flexibility required of the development of new standards and applications previously deployed in the upgrade. However, programmable system efficiency is lower than the fixed-function hardware. This greatly restricted the application of programmable processors is an acceptable substitute for application-specific fixed-function hardware efficiency requirements often preclude the use of programmable hardware. The limit efficiency, improve the efficiency of programmable systems and the most modern computer systems is an active area of ​​a serious challenge and computer systems research.

This article describes the Waka, efficient programmable system for high-performance embedded applications. Waka is the remarkable efficiency of computationally intensive than the traditional core embedded processor. The Waka allow software to the use of parallel implementation of performance management of local implementation efficiency. Waka implement a new system of distributed and hierarchical organization allows the software to use of abundant parallelism, reuse, and in embedded applications locality. Waka provides a variety of mechanisms to assist in mapping applications to massively parallel systems software. In order to improve efficiency, Waka allow software to clear arrangements and coordinated instruction and data movement and placement. This paper presents the concept of critical analysis, including computer architecture, compiler technology, VLSI, embedded computer systems, in order to improve performance and efficiency of interaction. A central theme of this article is to expose the deep and distributed storage level software programmable embedded system efficiency can be increased significantly. This allows software reuse and the level of time and space, so that in many places of the application in order to reduce instruction and data movement.

Sadly, that's not quite English yet.  It's riddled with grammatical errors, phrases that don't make sense, and contains a number of incomplete sentences.  I'd like you to rewrite this into an executive summary where:
  1. There are no grammatical or spelling errors.
  2. Each sentence is complete, and conveys the same technical concepts, but with clarity.  Feel free to fix these closely (sentence by sentence) or more broadly (paragraph by paragraph).   Where the original is unclear or ambiguous, pick something that makes sense.
  3. Each new technical term is cited, using IEEE Citation Style [1].  Terms include "embedded systems" and "ASIC"; but not "the Waka" (which is a silly made-up name).  Citations to Wikipedia are generally considered shameful, due to the dubious and variable nature of Wikipedia articles.
Export a nicely formatted Word .doc or PDF file with your clean copy, and turn it in on Blackboard.


[1]    D. Graffox, "IEEE Citation Reference", Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, September 2009.  Available online at http://www.ieee.org/documents/ieeecitationref.pdf