Project 1

CS 481/681 2012, Dr. Lawlor

Project Requirements

There are three deliverables for this project: code draft, presentation, and final code.  Everything should be turned in electronically via Blackboard.
  1. Describe your project topic in class on Thursday, February 23.  Before class, send me via Blackboard exactly one image similar to what you'd like to build (this can be a screenshot, a mockup, an existing photograph, or composite of these), and be ready to answer questions about how you plan to implement your topic.
  2. An executable code draft is due Thursday, March 1 on Blackboard.
  3. A 10-minute in-class presentation on Tuesday, March 27.  Show off your code, talk about your method, and so on.
  4. The final version of your code is due on Thursday, March 29.  This version should be fully functional, polished, and pretty.
Note that 681 students will be expected to complete more sophisticated projects.

Possible Topics (or pick your own!)

Choose any one of these topics, or make up your own topic. Remember you've got about a month to finish everything, so keep it simple! If these seem too big, feel free to simplify them in your "topic" paper.